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Japanese Stone Lanterns

Granite and stone is found in gardens and temples all around the world. Some of these elements are even centuries old. The use of granite and stone elements ensures a timeless beauty and will add an extra dimension to your Japanese garden or Japanese landscape. Especially in the layout of Japanese Zen and Rock gardens ishi-dôrô or granite lanterns play a major decorative role. The most common stone lanterns are; the Yukimi-gata lantern, the Ikekomi-gata lantern, the Tachi-gata lantern and the Oki-gata lantern.

We have made a selection of the most common and popular Japanese stone lanterns for use in both traditional Japanese "wet" gardens and traditional "dry" rock gardens. Please note, a granite lantern can not easily be installed in your garden. Although a granite lantern usually consists of seperate parts, together these parts sometimes weigh hundreds of pounds.

All our granite and stone products are manufactured from raw materials of the highest quality and are hand shaped. Whether you choose our standard models or customized to order, we guarantee you only the very best for your Japanese garden.

oriental granite carved garden lantern
japanese carved garden lantern oriental carved garden lantern oriental granite garden lantern
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oriental granite lantern
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My Oriental Garden offers a wide choice from a large range of authentic Japanese garden elements, Oriental tea houses and pavilions. Because many of our products are tailor-made manufactured and need to be imported from Asia, not all products made available on this website are in stock.

Products that you won't be able to find on our website can, most likely, be ordered. Provide a clear description of the desired product and a reference to a picture on the internet and we will try to find the product for you. In case you are interested in one of our beautiful Japanese stone lanterns or other sculptures, it is good to know that My Oriental Garden also provides transportation and installment of any object on site, in which case My Oriental Garden will make a separate offer.
japanese lantern Fresh snow on the roof
oriental granite lantern
A so called "snow viewing lantern" with fresh snow on the roof. Often this type of Japanese lanterns is placed at the edge of a pond or a stream. Especially in winter, they guarantee magnificent spectacle.
kotoji japanese granite garden lantern

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