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Oriental Stone Pagodas

The pagoda is actually a temple which has its origin in Buddhist Asia and is a typical example of the architecture we find in China, Thailand and Japan. The pagoda consists of a slender tower with multiple floors where each floor has its own roof. The roof size becomes smaller reaching the top. Usually a pagoda consists of a stack of 7 to 13 floors. The roof design of each pagoda is unique and on the upper roof we find a pole with many gold discs.

The pagoda is purely meant as a monument or temple and the interior has really little usable space. We find the pagoda in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Nepal and other parts of Asia. Some pagodas are used as places of Taoist worship. Most pagodas were often built in or near the temples and had a, mostly Buddhist, religious function. The term pagoda can also refer to other religious structures in some countries.

Pagodas in the Japanese Garden
The pagoda is of course well known in Japanese architecture. Not only do we find amazing "life size" pagodas which are mostly built of wood and reach many tens of meters into the sky. Of course we also find the stone pagoda in almost every traditional Japanese garden. The pagoda is usually made of granite or basalt and has a religious function in addition to the role of decorative focal point in the garden. Usually we find the Japanese pagoda at the highest point in the garden or on the edge of the koi pond. A properly installed granite pagoda in the Japanese garden, covered with moss and bathing in the last rays of the autumn sun, becomes a real treat for the eyes and soul. Actually, a true traditional Japanese garden may not lack a pagoda.

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My Oriental Garden made a selection of several types of Japanese pagodas in various sizes and designs for you to choose from. Should you find out that a particular model stone pagoda is not in our catalog, please use our contact form to tell us your wishes. Do not forget to embed a link to an image file on the web.

In case you are interested in one of our beautiful Japanese pagodas or other sculptures, it is good to know that My Oriental Garden also provides transportation and installment of any object on site, in which case My Oriental Garden will make a separate offer.
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Most stone pagodas that we encounter in the traditional Japanese garden are made of granite with a coarse structure. Over time, a beautiful thick layer of moss forms on the roofs of the pagoda.
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