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Japanese Garden Shelter Yokaze

Over the last few years the Japanese garden is receiving a growing appreciation by Western gardeners. A Japanese garden is a garden with a lot of meaning and symbolism. Peace, balance and mystik are important ingredients we find in any well-designed Japanese gardens. My Oriental Garden is a unique Dutch company which provides in the ever-growing demand for authentic Japanese garden design, Japanese garden related items such as stone lanterns, decoration and buildings. My Oriental Garden is a supplier and importer of granite lanterns, granite garden furniture, garden decoration, wooden and stone garden bridges, original traditional tea houses, etc.

My Oriental Garden offers a total solution, from garden design and planning to installation of tea houses, buildings and patios. Our product range offers all the elements for a complete Japanese garden. Our Japanese tea houses and buildings are specifically designed for My Oriental Garden and built with traditional materials, to guarantee a very high degree of authenticity and quality.

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oriental benches japanese shelter oriental shelters
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My Oriental Garden offers a wide choice from a large range of authentic Japanese garden elements, tea houses, garden sheds and buildings. However, because many of our products are tailor-made manufactured and need to be imported from Asia, not all products made available on the website are in stock.

Products that you won't be able to find on our website can however, most likely, be ordered. In that case, provide a clear description of the desired product and perhaps a reference to a picture on the Internet and we will try to find the product for you.
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In case you are interested in one of our beautiful Japanese tea houses or other buildings, it is good to know that My Oriental Garden also provides transportation and installment of any building on site.
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