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Japanese Style Country House Zenkei

As a follow up on the great success of the exclusively by My Oriental Garden designed and produced Japanese style pavilions and bungalows and the demand for larger buildings, My Oriental Garden hereby introduces the Zenkei series. The Japanese style Zenkei villa or country house (Japanese for, the entire form, the perfect form) is designed with only one goal in mind, invite nature into our living space. The Zenkei villa or country house is designed in a way the construction actually consists of two separate cocoons. The inner cocoon can be opened or closed by means of double insulated translucent shojii style (Japanese latticework) sliding doors. The outher cocoon or engawa (type of balcony), is also enclosed by sliding doors with double insulated glazing, which can be opened to invite nature into our living space. This combination of interconnected "cocoons" ensures a very high insulation rating. Through the use of translucent and "honest" materials like wood and glass we have created an extremely bright, open and robust environment. Because of the double roof the Zenkei villa features fairly high ceilings which benefit the sence of spaciousness in this design. The heavy wooden beams are on there own, a real feast for the eyes.

The Oriental style Zenkei country house is based on an ancient Japanese theme and successful concept, but constructed in modern design with robust materials using modern time techniques. The Zenkei villa is modular designed. This means that the construction consists of several interconnected modules or parts of 900 x 600 cm. each, equipped with a so-called buffer zone or engawa. The building can therefore easily be extended or shortened. The resulting space is easely modifiable to your needs and wishes. This particular design is built in an L shape, has a total surface of 350 mtr2 and offers a spacious living room of 600 x 1200 cm. with the sliding doors closed. When we open the translucent sliding doors we create an open space of up to 840 x 1350 cm. Furthermore, this design offers room for an entrance hall of 600 x 300 cm., a kitchen of 600 x 420 cm., a bathroom of 700 x 300 cm., additional bedroom of 300 x 720, a master bedroom of 600 x 600 cm., which by opening the sliding doors can be transformed into an area of 720 x 840 cm. and finally a large office or studio of 720 x 720 cm. On th upper floor we have additional rooms of 600 x 600 cm, 600 x 600 cm. and 600 x 300 cm. All in all a very complete and spacious villa.

By applying traditional Japanese ceramic roof tiles, the Zenkei villa has an overall Oriental look and feel. It is of course possible to fit the Zenkei villa with other interesting, less traditional roofing materials such as zinc, spelter or even copper. A zinc or copper roof has a very long lifespan, gains beauty over the years and gives the building a totally exclusive, luxurious touch. The walls and ceilings of the building can be finished in blanc wood or fitted with white finished panels. Our Oriental style villa's, pavilions and bungalows can be build to order in various wood types and configurations. Obviously My Oriental Garden only uses certified materials of the highest quality.

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In case you are considering one of our beautiful Japanese themed villa's, pavilions or bungalows, it is good to know My Oriental Garden also provides in transportation and installment on site. For transport and installment on site My Oriental Garden will provide a seperate quotation. Costs for transport and installment are highly dependent on you location. Please also see "foundation" in the additional info.

Your Japanese garden
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My Oriental Garden offers a wide choice from a wide range of authentic Japanese and Oriental themed products. You can choose from a wide range of Japanese stone lanterns, granite bridges, Oriental pagodas, stepping stones, rain chains, etc. My Oriental Garden also offers a service to design and build your Japanese garden. We would love to make you a nice offer.

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My Oriental Garden is exclusive importer of original authentic Japanese tatami floors. Tatami mats consist of a core of rice straw wrapped by a woven mat of the same material. Usually the edges are finished with a colorful ribbon with beautiful motifs. Upon request, My Oriental Garden supplies complete custom tatami floors in various thicknesses and types.
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