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Japanese Style Tea House Jounetsu

The wonderful custom built authentic Japanese tea house Jounetsu is, like any other garden house, pavilion or bungalow in the My Oriental Garden range, a feast to the eye and a dream in usability. This Japanese themed Jounetsu tea house (Japanese for passion, enthusiasm), is the smallest in a range luxurious authentic Oriental style tea houses, garden houses and pavilions. wich are exclusively designed and produced by My Oriental Garden. Despite her modest inner space of 400 x 400 cm up to 500 x 500 cm, this Japanese tea house is offering enough space for the average furniture- or lounge set. The Jounetsu tea house comes in 2 different sizes and configurations. (single roof and double roof) The Jounetsu tea house can be fitted with shoji style (Japanese latticework) sliding doors on either side the building, or in any desirable configuration. The sliding doors are fitted with double insulated glazing. The walls and ceiling of the building can be finished in blanc wood or fitted with white finished panels.

Every bigger then middle-sized Japanese garden can only be seen as complete when featuring one of these multifunctional structures. Imagine yourself, sitting in your own Japanese tea house, garden house or pavilion, the sliding doors wide open, overlooking your beautifully landscaped Japanese garden, enjoying a piece of authentic Japanese culture while the wind whispers gently through the leaves and the birds sing their poems. Not only is the Jounetsu Oriental style tea house perfectly suited to treat your beloved guests with a traditional Japanese tea party or lunch, this tea house is also a great multifunctional building with an Oriental touch, suitable for any other garden and outdoor quality time. The options are endless, you are the director and anything goes. With the Jounetsu you are inviting a breeze of luxury and Oriental atmosphere right into your life.

Our Oriental style tea houses, garden houses and pavilions can be build to order in various wood types and configurations. Obviously My Oriental Garden only uses certified materials of the highest quality. In standard configuration, all of our tea houses, garden houses and pavilions are fitted with traditional Japanese style ceramic rooftiles. However, we can also fit the roof with wooden shingles. In case you would like the building to have a less traditional but even more luxurious appearance you might want to consider zinc, spelter or even copper roofing.

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In case you are considering one of our beautiful Japanese themed tea houses, garden houses or pavilions, it is good to know My Oriental Garden also provides in transportation and installment on site. For transport and installment on site My Oriental Garden will provide a seperate quotation. Costs for transport and installment are highly dependent on you location. Please also see "foundation" in the additional info.

Your Japanese garden
My Oriental Garden offers a wide choice from a wide range of authentic Japanese and Oriental themed products. You can choose from a wide range of Japanese stone lanterns, granite bridges, Oriental pagodas, stepping stones, rain chains, etc. My Oriental Garden also offers a service to design and build your Japanese garden. We would love to make you a nice offer.

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Our exclusive Japanese tea houses, garden houses and pavilions could perfectly perform as a "pool house". Equipped with a luxurious Jacuzzi, sauna or Japanese Ofuro you will get "instant access" to your own "private wellness center". My Oriental Garden also imports and provides traditional Japanese "soaking bath tubs" (ofuro). Click on the image for more information.
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