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Japanese Garden Bridge Yuugiri

Every Japanese and Oriental garden has a number of elements which refer directly to nature. One of the elements we are talking about is water in the shape of a pond, a stream or a brooke. But do not be fooled, not all "water" in the Japanese garden is wet. A Japanese garden is in fact a more or less abstracted miniaturised representation of a landscape, almost like a painting. In the early days of Japanese landscaping the Japanese garden architects already had learned how to capture, translate and recreate the quality of natural scenery using the "building blocks" that were at hand in the surrounding area where a Japanese garden was to be built. We can find examples of rocks that are impersonating steep cliffs, sparkling waterfalls and distant islands in vast oceans. In rounded shapes pruned shrubs and bushes take on the role of rolling hills and gentle valleys and fine gravel and pebbles are easily deployed as replacement of wild streams and vast oceans.

To connect the shores of these whether or not real water featuring ponds, streams and brookes, My Oriental Garden has designed a series of beautiful Oriental and Japanese garden bridges in various finishes and sizes for you. Every Japanese bridge can be supplied in various types of wood, finish and dimensions, untreated or finished in red paint. The vertical support beams may optionally be provided with ornaments. The Japanese and Oriental garden bridges are available in various fixed sizes, but of course can also be build to order. In that case we can arrange for the technical drawings and presentation of the design in 3D. Note: custom design and presentation require an additional fee. Please ask for a quote.

In case you own a smaller or "dry" Japanese Garden My Oriental Garden also has a number of granite and stone bridges for you. These curved bridges are simple in shape and are perfect to fit smaller streams.

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A very different kind of "bridge" which frequently can be found in the Japanese and Oriental garden is a series of stones that are placed in a sequence and are refered to as stepping stones. We find these stepping stones especially in the Japanese rock garden where they form an alternative path to get to hard to reach places. For instance to cross gravel streams or ponds. At an early stage the Japanese garden designer started to reuse particular stone elements in the garden. Therefore we find stepping stones in the shape of flack stones, pieces of stone from ancient temples and even old mill stones. As long as the character of the material fits the atmosphere of the garden you can't go wrong.

In case you are interested in one of our beautiful Japanese garden bridges made of wood, stone or granite, it is good to know that My Oriental Garden also provides in transportation and installment of the bridges on site. For transport and installment on site My Oriental Garden will provide a seperate quotation.

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Bridges are a vital part in the Japanese garden. Made of wood, stone or granite, bridges are the link between the various subregions within the design of the Japanese garden.
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